Security Systems
Ensuring the security of corporeal and intellectual property is impossible without a whole range of technical means. A properly designed and configured security system will help protect the facility from the actions of intruders, man-made factors and minimize the associated losses.

This is the only way to exclude the influence of the human factor, i.e. inattention, forgetfulness, failure to fulfill the duties by individual security officers.

Security System Composition

The complex of security tools implemented in your office, as well as the degree of their integration, depends on the specifics of the facility. For example, a relatively simple video surveillance system and a fire and security alarm system, in which automatic communication with console security and the fire department is implemented, will be sufficient to protect an apartment. An office building needs a comprehensive security system with the integration of all subsystems, an automatic fire-fighting system, and a flexible monitoring and notification system. And if we are talking about a cottage or an industrial facility with an adjacent territory, then you should take care of protecting the perimeter.

Video Surveillence

The video surveillance system includes video cameras dispersed throughout the protected facility, and video recording devices, i.e. video recorders or video servers. As a rule, when designing a system, the task is to maximize the “coverage” of the video surveillance facility. It is advisable to integrate the video surveillance system with an access control system (ACS) and a fire and security alarm (FSA). The video surveillance system monitors the current situation at the facility, registers events, records and scans the video archive.

Access Control System

The task of ACS is to zero out the probability of unauthorized access to a protected facility. To do this, a reader connected to the controller is installed at the entrance to the facility. The controller can access the ACS database storing the identification data of system users. If the visitor’s data received by the reader matches one of the database records, the controller sends a signal to open the electromagnetic door lock (turnstile, turnpike, etc.). If the data does not match, the entry remains blocked.

As a rule, ACS interacts with other security systems. For example, when an alarm is received from one of the fire detectors, some of the doors required for evacuation are unlocked. And when a signal is received from the security sensor, certain doors, on the contrary, can be forcibly blocked.

Fire and Security Alarm
The FSA system is implemented in apartments and cottages more often than other security systems. When a signal is received from the sensor, such a system allows to provide an automatic communication with the emergency response team and the fire department, which is especially important for homeowners. For larger objects, the installation of addressable FSA systems is justified, which allow to determine the place where the signal came from to an accuracy of the detector.

The FSA communicates with the emergency response team or firefighters; turns on the emergency alert mode of the warning and evacuation control system; activates sound alarms and light panels showing escape routes; turns on automatic fire-fighting system ipon alarm.

Automatic Fire-fighting

The automatic fire-fighting system is activated automatically by a signal from CIE of FSA as its function is to quickly eliminate fire or smoke. The type of system (water, gas, foam/water-foam, powder or aerosol) is selected depending on the purpose of the protected premises and the property located in it. For example, gas systems have a minimal impact on protected values, and therefore are installed in museums, libraries, banks.

The fire-fighting system includes tanks with fire-fighting composition, a network of pipelines and distributors, a control and monitoring device.

Perimeter Security

Perimeter security systems are designed taking into account the importance of the facility, its specifics and the area of the protected territory. This kind of a system includes specialized fences that prevent unauthorized entry into the protected territory; IR illumination and “emergency” lighting; electroconvulsive system; alarm system; twenty-four-hour video surveillance system, which may include IR cameras based on microbolometers.

Security Systems Integration
Full integration of the systems listed above is achieved in integrated security systems, the implementation of which is justified only in industrial enterprises and in large shopping, hotel and office centers. The reason for this limitation is the high cost of the basic software for the system, as well as additional licenses for supported hardware and expansion of functional capabbilities. Investments in an integrated system pay off only if a large number of control points (video cameras, access card readers, sensors) are connected and all the functionality embedded in the system is used to the fullest.
The main advantages of a fully integrated solution are the convenience of monitoring alarm situations (work with all systems is carried out through a single interface; a well-thought-out notification system), a high level of security and a low level of false positives; system customization flexibility..
The main advantages of a fully integrated solution are the convenience of monitoring alarm situations (work with all systems is carried out through a single interface; a well–thought-out notification system), a high level of security and a low level of false alarms; flexibility of system configuration.
In most cases, partial integration of security systems is used. For example, a video surveillance system and an access control system can operate on the basis of a single software solution, while FSA system, warning system, and fire-fighting system are a relatively autonomous complex.
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