Power Supply and Electric Lighting
Electrical Work, Installation and Setup of Power Plants
  • Installation of electrical power equipment of substations, converting and distribution devices (points) up to 10 kV;
  • Installation of networks and control systems, protection and automation of measurements and signaling system of substations, distribution devices (points) up to 10 kV;
  • Installation of electric plants (including in explosion hazardous areas);
  • Installation of external and internal power supply networks;
  • Installation of internal electric lighting.
  • Installation of outdoor electric lighting (including architectural lighting);
  • Installation of lightning protection and grounding devices;
  • Conducting measurements and testing parameters of electric plants;
  • Complete and partial replacement of electrics, cable laying;
  • Construction of an additional equipotential bonding system;
  • Laying cables hidden and outdoor installation;
  • Laying of low-current networks with subsequent installation of low-current equipment;
  • Installation of protective devices against short circuit currents, differential current, overvoltage and power metering devices;
  • Detection and troubleshooting in electrical networks, transfer of electrical equipment.
Diagnostics of electrical equipment, measurements, cable lines and electrical equipment testing
The electrotechnical laboratory of Compass Service LLP operates on the basis of the Electrical Laboratory Registration Certificate (registration number No. 49 dated October 7, 2010).
Performed work on the diagnostics of electrical equipment:
  • Measurement of insulation resistance;
  • Measurement of grounding devices resistance;
  • Checking continuity of protective conductors;
  • Checking the “live-neutral” circuit;
  • Checking ECB operation;
  • Checking the operation of circuit breakers and relay protection devices.
Receipt/registration of the electric plant operations certificate

Compass Service company will check the provided design and as-built documentation for the electric plant and issue a conclusion for compliance with its current rules and regulations.

We will correct, help to prepare and approve the required documentation in full to obtain your electric plant operations certificate as soon as possible.

We will inspect the electric plant for the correctness of the electrical installation work performed in accordance with the design documentation and SNIPs, PES followed by the issuance of a conclusion with a list of shortcomings and defects at the time of inspection, and we will also check the provided as-built documentation for the facility for compliance with applicable norms and rules.

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